The Graduate is a blog written for graduates, by a graduate.


When I left Royal Holloway, I didn’t follow the Grad Scheme route, because sitting at a desk learning the ropes of management or recruitment sounded more boring to me than watching grass grow. If that’s your thing, I really respect you and I know you all work incredibly hard, but it was never for me.


I am writing this blog to share my experiences as I navigate my way through the challenges presented by the real world, in the hopes that someone facing similar experiences to me can feel a little less alone. I’ll be covering the events that immediately follow exams, job hunting, what happens next, and other lifestyle topics like shopping, personal events and mental health. At times when I feel I can only give a narrow view on a topic, I hope to enlist the help of some friends that I believe have a better knowledge.


Keep an eye on my “recommends” for the things I’m buying or adding to my wishlist, and please comment, like and share! If you don’t know me personally, I’m sure you will begin to learn about me through my posts, but feel free to get in touch with any questions or requests.


I thought my academic career was difficult, but in reality I don’t think I ever gave my Mum enough credit for making being a grown up look so easy!


Leigh-Anne x