Returning to Education

In September, at the ripe old age of 24 and three-quarters, I’ll be pulling my books and paper from the attic, taking a seat at my desk, and embarking on another stint of my educational journey. I have quite strong views on postgraduate degrees, but I also believe there is a lot to be gained … Continue reading Returning to Education


The Job Hunt – Part One

Some graduates step out of Uni and into the grad scheme they always dreamed of after surviving some gruelling assessment centres and group interviews. Others struggle to decide what they want to do and take a Masters level course to put off the inevitable. However, regardless of when it happens, every graduate will face that … Continue reading The Job Hunt – Part One

The Big Day

The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Whether you’ve spent the weeks following your exams in the country of your dreams, your parents’ back garden or your uni bed (making up for lost time), this day has probably been weighing on your mind since the day you realised how difficult it is … Continue reading The Big Day

Goodbye Education

This is it! You have (somewhat) successfully navigated your way through approximately 16 years of formal education and can finally see what a summer without exams looks like. Ahh, bliss… the endless hours of revision, essay writing and constant stress about things you should be doing is over. You’ve got a summer of end-of-an-era nostalgia, … Continue reading Goodbye Education